Enjoying the Holidays.....

Let’s Get Ready to Enjoy The Holidays

Every year we say it is ‘too early’ for retailers to present their holiday items and we are not in the mood to get ready. Why the rush? Yet we all want our homes and entertaining to be special for these occasions. However, every year when it finally arrives we say just the opposite, it just seemed to come ‘too fast’ and we are not ready.   We hear about people wanting to embrace the spirit of the holidays. So how can we do just that, while enjoying the fun and anticipation of Christmas, Hanukah or any other upcoming celebration, without starting too early or too late in our preparations?  We need “a plan”, and “a list”. 

One of the first things you need to do is make ‘THE LIST’. It is a wonderful tool and the most organized host/hostess will have a fine tuned list updated as days and weeks go by.  The list should be comprised by categories. We should have “Things we want to do” as a family, “Things we have to do” and finally, what would be “Nice to do” as a family.  Once you have your own personal LIST, you may see that it may be next to impossible to cover everything.  Most people can handle the Necessary and the Important, and may desire the the Nice, but do not have the time for all. 

We all have ideas and memories of what our own special holiday celebration should be like. This may be the time to decide what you will do alone, with family/friends and where hiring a professional may fit in. This is where a decorator or stager can be of assistance to enhance your home with the season’s décor.  Working with a decorator or stager ultimately leaves you time and energy to plan and enjoy the fun part of these upcoming celebrations.

You may want a beautifully decorated home while keeping the annual tree trimming to a special time with the family or friends.  Having a decorator do your holiday decorating is like hiring a stager.  A decorator is often able to create new looks while utilizing what you already have on hand.  It is re-purposing items you already have in a new and different way.  Since it is only seasonal, the look can change each year without purchasing an entire new collection of decorations.  What fun!

You may have many treasured and sentimental decorations you want used and you may need some refreshing and new items.  Discuss it with the decorator who can come up with new ways to showcase your current decorations along with adding new ones.

Once a style and budget has been agreed upon the decorator will get going to “trim your home”. Often, someone else will view the decorations you have used every year and put in the same place with a different perspective and an entirely new look will emerge.  It can make the entire process fun for everyone to go away for a few hours and have some quality family time and then return to a holiday wonderland in their home.

by Jeannette Wisby

Design Savvy

Bronte Villager, November 2009

© 2013 by DESIGN SAVVY 

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