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Spring has finally arrived and with it hopefully some warm weather soon to be followed by summer!  Everyone is moving outside to enjoy the months of warm weather.  How nice to be able to enjoy your outdoor space as much as your indoor space.  Over the years we have greatly changed our way of looking at our outdoor spaces.  We now invest in furniture, which is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, and create wonderful outdoor rooms.

There are so many options available on the market today from very moderate pricing to very high end.  We can select everything from dining furniture, living room style banquets and settees, chairs with ottomans, coffee and end tables, outdoor lamps as well as outdoor kitchens.  Gone are the days when a couple of discolored plastic chairs and the small charcoal barbeque sufficed.  We have evolved!  We want to relax in style!

How can a decorator help you?  Well, sometimes it is difficult to sort out just what would work best in a particular outdoor space.  You have to decide how you want to use the space – will you be relaxing, entertaining, gardening? What exposure do you have?  What type of green space is currently in place?  What about your hard scape?

Furnishing your outdoor room can be a lot of fun and there are certainly a lot of whimsical as well as elegant items on the market these days.  You do not have to spend a fortune to have a good looking and comfortable outdoor space.

Some of the main functions of a decorator when working on an interior space carry over to the exterior space.  Decorators are skilled at placing furniture; making colour choices; fabric selection as well as carrying out the indoor theme and style to the exterior.  For example, the interior of a home could be very ultra modern and streamlined, the transition to the outdoor space would flow better if the outdoor furnishings were also on the modern side, rather than rugged cottage style twig furniture. 

Decorators can also help you with planning how your garden flows and the plant material, which will work well with your choice of furnishings and colour scheme. 

When working on an outdoor space, it is definitely important to recognize that the plantings are best specified by a professional landscape gardener and not the decorator, however, decorators have been trained to know what works well together and can unify the overall look.

So let’s get outdoors and enjoy the summer in style!

by jeannette wisby

Design Savvy

Bronte Villager, Summer 2007

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